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Fishing Report

This week’s fishing report, brought to you by the team at Tackle World Adelaide Metro.

Thursday - 18th of July, 2019


The big news locally for the past few weeks has been surrounding the amazing Salmon run along the Southern Metro Coast. It is great to see places like Southport and Pt Noarlunga jetty busy with activity during winter, and plenty of people catching good sized fish in a metro location.

If you prefer to get away from the crowds on the jetty the nearby beaches are fishing just as well and plenty of fish to over 3kg have been coming from the shore.

Any of the beaches from Christies Beach right down to Normanville are fishing really well for Salmon and Salmon Trout.

Getting into the action can be as easy as casting and retrieving metal lures. With the Salmon firing, and the introduction of our Less Than $5.00 Metal Lure range there has never been a better time try!

King George Whiting have been biting really well before and after last week’s big storm came through. Good reports of some nice sized fish came from grounds out from Hallett Cove and Moana, as well as plenty of fish at West Beach and North Haven.

Snapper have been coming from areas north of Outer Harbour, with some good sized fish coming from the Long Spit area and towards Ardrossan.

Garfish are still being caught on calmer days at Pt Noarlunga Jetty, with some fish being hooked on baits intended for Salmon Trout.

Squid have been caught on deeper grounds at West Beach and Brighton during calmer weather, with some good sized Squid caught recently from Aldinga.

Tommies can be found at night on Glenelg Jetty, with some good sized ones still coming from the O’Sullivans Beach Boat Ramp.

Mulloway have been caught in West Lakes and the Onkaparinga River, with live baits working best at night.

Bream have been biting well in West lakes, with some nice ones landed recently after heavy rains.

The Onkaparinga River has also fished pretty well for Bream, with a few fish over 40cm landed in the last week.


King George Whiting have bitten well in the late afternoons at Moonta Bay and Port Hughes, with better sized fish coming from offshore of Balgowan during the day.

Port Victoria has fished pretty well over the past week, with good catches of King George Whiting coming from grounds quite close to the ramp.

Snapper catches have been pretty slim recently, with only a few reports of smaller Rugger fish coming from inshore spots after the blow last week at Wallaroo.

Salmon are in big numbers along the bottom of the Peninsula, with Berry Bay and Browns Beach holding good schools.

Further up the coast some smaller fish to 2kg can be found at Cape Elizabeth and Point Riley.

Squid were found in the bay at Port Hughes in pretty good numbers last week, with other reports coming from Wallaroo and Edithburgh.

Tommies have come from Moonta Bay Jetty and Ardrossan Jetty, with plenty of good sized ones being landed.


King George Whiting have been biting well inside Coffin Bay, with catches coming from the shore at the Ledges.

Boaties have managed good catches of better sized fish at Farm Beach, Arno Bay and Cowell.

Squid are plentiful throughout the bays of Port Lincoln, with good catches coming from the town’s jetties.

Yellowfin Whiting have come from Port Lincoln, with better catches reported to be coming from Cowell.

Salmon are coming from Almonta and Gunyah Beach in good numbers, with better sized fish being found at Convention Beach.

Further up the West Coast there have been some good reports from Locks Well, with other catches also coming from Talia and Mt Camel.


Salmon are biting really well at Waitpinga and Parsons Beach, with fish to around 3kg being landed on most days.

Smaller but nice sized Salmon Trout are in huge numbers inside the Murray Mouth at Goolwa, with fish a cast sessions coming from Sugars Beach and towards Mundoo Channel.

Mullet are in good numbers in the Coorong with plenty of reports coming from areas around and past Tauwitchere Barrage.

King George Whiting have come from grounds inshore at Wirrina Cove and out from Lady Bay, with better sized fish coming from the deeper grounds.

Squid came from Lady Bay before last week’s storm, with the odd one also coming from Second Valley Jetty.

Tommies can be caught at Cape Jervis and Rapid Bay.

Snapper news from this area has been fairly quiet over the past week or two, with little offshore activity due to weather conditions.


Southern Bluefin Tuna are still around in huge numbers offshore of Port MacDonnell and Portland, with school sized fish easily found and hooked.

Larger fish to 135kg have been landed before last week’s storms and should continue as boats get back out into the offshore waters in search of them.

Trolling Skirts have accounted for the majority of Tuna caught. Skirts do not need to be expensive nor complicated as our range of Buku Skirts and our Clearance Skirt range won’t break the bank, and most importantly, they catch Tuna! We take the guesswork out of rigging as we professionally rig skirts of all sizes in-store. Want to jump on the South-East Tuna Run? Skirted lures will give you the best chance of hooking up!

Mulloway news has been from the Glenelg River, with some good fish around 90cm caught on hard body and soft plastic lures.

Mullet have been biting well at Nene Valley, with good numbers easily found using a light berley trail to bring them around.

Garfish can be found at Livingstons Bay, with some great sized ones being landed regularly.

Salmon are biting along much of the coast, with some good catches coming from Canunda and Beachport.


Callop catches have been pretty good along most Lower Murray locations, with some nice fish to 50cm recently landed at Swan Reach and Morgan.

Other reports have come from Walker Flat and Purnong where some good numbers were caught recently on lures and bait.

Murray Cod catches have again been reported from over the border, where some clearer water has been found up around Mildura and Neds Corner.

Carp are in all areas of the Murray River and can be caught all year round and are great fun for all ages.