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SA Spearfishing & Dive Report

SA Spearfishing and Dive Report

Thursday 1st of April 2021

Keep up with the latest in Spearfishing and Dive in South Australia with Tackle World Adelaide Metro’s SA Spearfishing and Dive Report!


Yorke Peninsula

Nannygai are a popular target offshore from Marion Bay. The top spots are accessed by boat, and they are found tucked away under ledges in 8m or more. Short 600mm rail guns, or compact pneumatic guns are best used for Nannygai.

Flathead can be caught along the foot of the Yorke Peninsula at this time of year. They can be hand speared in shin to waist deep water at night or shot further from shore in 2m – 6m. You will find them on the sandy bottom adjacent to reef or weed beds. Point Turton, Marion Bay, and Sultana Point are good places to try.

Mullet have started to run at Pondalowie Bay and Marion Bay. They can be speared in shallow water by hand spear or 600mm - 800mm rail guns with a cluster head.

Whiting and Squid can be found north of Point Riley and south of Stansbury in 4m or deeper. An 800mm rail gun with a cluster head is perfect for both species.

Fleurieu Peninsula & KI

Salmon schools have been seen in the bay at Victor Harbor. Most of these Salmon are around 1kg and can be caught with a pole spear, or 800mm rail gun; equipped with a 16mm band ideally.

Big Squid are still around at Rapid Bay and can be targeted outside of the Marine Park.

Flathead have started to migrate to shallow water around Normanville. Hand-spearing at night is popular, however they can be shot by rail gun a few hundred metres from shore. Rapid Bay is also worth a look.

South East

Crayfish have been snared from plenty of ledges between Robe and Port MacDonnell in 6m – 10m.

Mullet schools have turned up in big numbers in the shallow bays in the South-East. Livingstons, Beachport, and Cape Douglas are the hot spots. Hand spear or small rail gun with a cluster head is ideal for Mullet.

Eyre Peninsula

Flathead are a great target with hand spears at this time of year with good numbers of Flathead in the shallows at Tumby Bay, North Shields, Lincoln National Park and Coffin Bay National Park.

Adelaide Metro

Blue Swimmer Crabs are still on offer for divers at Brighton, Seacliff, West Beach, and Grange. A catch bag, a pair of gloves, and ideally a 3mm wetsuit are all you need to catch a feed.

Spearfishing is South Australia Rules (PIRSA 2021):

Fishing with a hand fish spear or spear gun is not permitted:

  • Within 200 metres of the Hindmarsh and Inman River mouths.
  • In the Gulf St Vincent within 600 metres of the high water mark between the southernmost breakwater at Outer Harbour and Witton Bluff.
  • Within 100 metres of:
    • jetties
    • landings
    • wharves including the adjacent foreshore areas.

  • In the waters of Second Valley Bay.
  • In the Port Noarlunga Reef area.

Other spearfishing restrictions:

  • Use of fish spears and spear guns while using any underwater breathing apparatus like hookahs or SCUBA is prohibited.
  • It is an offence to take or attempt to take rock lobster with a spear gun or any other pointed instrument.
  • Divers are not allowed to carry a hand spear or spear gun that uses an explosive cartridge.
  • Devices that operate with an explosive cartridge can be used for protection only. They cannot be attached to a fish spear or spear gun. Any fish injured or killed with the device must be left in the water.
  • Powerheads can be carried but must not be used for fishing. Powerheads are for protection only and must not be attached to a spear.