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TWAM is a diverse tackle store. We stock everything from beginners to tournament tackle. With staff that are friendly and helpful, we'll make sure you catch the fish you're after. Competitive prices and the biggest range of everything, we are the guys to turn to. Browse through and get what you need, as well as helpful tips and new product information. New bargains and specials every week!

Being part of Australia’s biggest Independent Fishing Tackle group means we have the buying power to bring you big ranges at lowest prices.

All Tackle Worlds are individually owned and are NOT franchised.

We buy as a group to get YOU the big discounts.

We at TWAM are all experienced and active fishermen and bring that friendly, personalised touch that ensures YOU have an excellent fishing experience every time.






From Salmon to Sailfish, Snapper to Squid - Jamie has done it all. His passion for fishing is never satisfied, and he is forever looking to increase his knowledge and range of skills. Constantly on the lookout for a new adventure and always striving to tick species boxes, Jamie is a wealth of knowledge. Being a family man, he knows how to get the young ones involved and make sure the whole family can enjoy the day. If you’re planning a long range fishing trip, or simply heading out into the Gulf for some crabs and squid, Jamie has you covered. As the store manager Jamie is responsible for the high level of customer service you can expect at Tackle World Adelaide Metro. He also has a big hand in choosing our massive ranges of products, suitable for SA fishing and Australia Wide!

Favourite Species: Garfish
Favourite destination:
Yalata – Far West Coast

Years fishing:
30+ years

Specialising in:
Surf fishing, Offshore Gulf, and the tropics

Favourite catch:
40kg Sailfish – Exmouth, 10ft Bronze Whaler – Yalata, 62lb Mulloway – Yalata, SA



Keith brings a lot of experience to add to the team here at TWAM and has a passion for a range of fishing techniques. His favourite is undoubtedly chasing big Trout on fly gear which has enabled Keith to travel various places across the globe. This, on top of his great local knowledge for all bread and butter species, makes Keith a wealth of knowledge for all our customers. Keith is always more than happy to help with any questions or queries you may have, and if you’re looking to get started in the fly game then he is certainly your man. Keith is developing our freshwater and saltwater fly section to be the best SA has to offer, and has the knowledge and expertise to go with it. Come in and have a chat to him! He’ll make sure you catch what you’re chasing.

Favourite Species: Brown & Rainbow Trout, Bonefish, Australian Salmon
Favourite Destination: New Zealand, Christmas Island
Years Fishing: 40+ years
Specialising in: Fly fishing, land based Salmon
Favourite Catch: Eight years old, fishing for his first wild Brown Trout in the Central Highlands of Tasmania


Nathan joins the Tackle World Adelaide Metro team with a great deal of experience not only in the fishing trade, but in particular with Bream fishing. Being a fierce competitor in the Bream tournaments held around Australia, Nathan has proved himself to be a gun angler in a variety of fishing techniques. He now endeavours to broaden his range of skills and is already ticking plenty of boxes since his arrival. When it comes to queries relating to metro waters, Nathan has plenty to offer our customers. Whether you want to pick his brain on different lures, or techniques to chase anything from Bream to squid, he’s always happy to help. Keep an eye out for his magazine articles that feature in Wild Coast SA; you’ll soon see how valuable his input could be in your next fishing trip.

Favourite Species: Bream
Favourite Destination: Wallaroo
Years Fishing: 15+ years
Specialising in:  Bream, Soft Plastics, Hard bodies
Favourite Catch: Bream – 48cm – Pt Lincoln, SA 
                           Snapper – 10.2kg – Pt Broughton, SA



We all love our bread and butter species, and Chris is no exception.  If he isn’t chasing Bluefin Tuna at Victor Harbor, or half way across the gulf looking for big reds, he’ll be flicking soft plastics inshore looking for his next PB Flathead or Bream. He’s full of helpful tips and hints and is only too happy to share these with everyone. Come in and say g’day to him, you’ll be pleased you did.

Years fishing: 25+ years
Favourite Destination: Wallaroo, Yorke Peninsula, SA.
Specialising in: Inshore Soft Plastics.
Favourite Catch: 20kg Bluefin Tuna, Victor Harbor, Fleurieu Peninsula, SA.




You want to catch some big fish? Well then this is the guy to chat to. Hayden comes to us as an experienced charter boat deckhand from across the border. He has grown up catching Snapper, Gummy Shark, Bluefin Tuna and Mako Sharks from different locations off the Victorian coastline. Not only that, but he is a gun King George Whiting fisherman, and can’t help himself to a feed of squid from time to time. Putting his skills into play on this side of the border, he has had no trouble finding excellent fish and giving some of the best advice to the local fisherman. He’s fished around a lot of Australia chasing all sorts of species, so whether you want to chase Mako Sharks off the shelf, Spanish Mackerel over in WA on your next trip, or anything we find in our local Gulfs, Hayden is your go to man. Look out for him in years to come; he’ll be a major asset to Tackle World Adelaide and the fishing community in general. 

Favourite Species: Gummy Shark and Bluefin Tuna
Favourite Destination: South Coast NSW and Pt Linocln, SA.
Years Fishing: 20+years
Specialising in: Gummy Shark, Snapper
Favourite Catch: (Landbased) Spanish Mackerel, Broome WA. 25kg



Growing up, fishing was a large part of Andy’s life. Spending plenty of time on the far west coast with his family for long periods at a time, he was very lucky to know how easy and productive fishing can be. After completing a Business Property degree at UniSA, Andy decided that his real passion was in Information Technology, and wanted to combine this with as much fishing as possible. The best solution? Join the TWAM team and take charge of the technological side of things. Andy has caught a lot of highly desirable species. Tuna, Snapper, Kingfish and Spanish Mackerel just to name a few. He is also one of the luckiest fishermen we have ever come across. I don’t remember the last time he didn’t catch the biggest fish for the trip! You won’t see Andy on the floor amongst the aisles much, but he is the man to thank for everything you see on our website.

Favourite Species: Squid, Spanish Mackerel, Whiting, any surf/rock fishing
Favourite Destination: Streaky Bay, Eyre Peninsula
Years Fishing: 18 years
Specialising in: Technology
Favourite Catch: 25kg Spanish Mackerel, Dunk Island, QLD.





Fishing, fishing and more fishing. This was Tom’s life plan. After graduating from a Marketing degree at UniSA, Tom decided to open Tackle World Adelaide Metro. The long hard days paid off and now TWAM is one of the finest, most modern fishing stores in SA. Tom has covered vast areas of the globe chasing everything from Tiger Fish in Zimbabwe to hooking Trout on Fly in Scotland. His real passion however, is working the deep contours of the Southern Ocean right here in our backyard. Offshore fishing on our coast has been a huge part of satisfying Tom’s fishing needs. Although Snapper, Samson and Tuna are all high priority for Tom, he still loves getting covered in ink from local squid grounds or simply raking a few blueys up for the family over summer. A very approachable fellow, Tom can chat to customers for ages and is surely capable of helping you get that fish of a life time.

Favourite Species: Samson Fish, Snapper, Squid
Favourite Destination: Sceale Bay, Eyre Peninsula
Years Fishing: 25 years
Specialising in: Offshore SA waters. Samson, Tuna, Snapper, Nanygui
Favourite Catch: 30kg Samsonfish, Wedge Island, SA.  25kg Dolphinfish, Durban, South Africa. 35kg Sailfish, Exmouth, WA.